by Haessler

To take a huge step forward, we had to completely change direction.

Cleaner.  Greener.  No Hydraulics.

A message to WolfLifT customers and operators from the President


The all-electric WolfLifT is completely absent of any hydraulics eliminating the risk of oil leaks on the floor, a tough requirement on an increasing number of work sites. The electric motor functions on the WolfLifT are quieter, more energy efficient and provide the operator with smoother control of the lift and drive functions.

Stability. Safety. Durability.

Despite its small footprint, the WolfLifT will support two workers with unsurpassed stability creating far superior worker comfort and feeling of security in all kinds of work situations. The result is greatly improved work quality and productivity.

Ideal for Indoor Work-sites

WolfLifT is ideal for facilities like banks, office buildings, stores, schools, hospitals, clean rooms, food-processing plants, and other places that want clean, quiet operation from a compact machine. WolfLifT's small footprint also allows it to fit through standard single doorways and into elevators.

Annotated WolfLifT Image Annotated WolfLifT Image

Extension Deck

Heavy duty 30” aluminum extension on steel tube frame with 4 rollers provides smooth operation and durability.

  • Optional powered deck extension is available.
  • Removable control box improves job-site security
  • Solid Travel Tower structure keeps job-site debris out and eliminates typical pinch point hazard

Pot-hole Protection

The WolfLifT Pot Hole Protection (PHP) mechanism is mechanically deployed by the lifting of the platform. The mechanism will not deploy in the event of a solid obstacle under the PHP support bar. The support bar deployment is monitored electronically which prevents elevation in the event of non-deployment. The sweeping motion of the PHP support bar pushes peripheral debris (toes!) outwards.


Forklift Pocket

The WolfLifT can be lifted and transported safely with a lift truck. The self adjusting lift yoke will accommodate up to a 2 3/4 in. thick lift truck or telehandler forks. (Forks must be inserted a minimum 3 feet.)

Battery Box

The WolfLifT battery tray is located off the floor and batteries are conveniently accessible for easier and faster service.


You Choose the Direction

WolfLifT has near zero turn radius front wheel drive utilizing vertically mounted electric motors in a fixed (non-pivoting) position. The drive motors are located away from floor debris and obstacles greatly reducing the chance of chafed, broken and damaged wiring and connections.


“The first time I went up on a scissor lift, about 35 years ago, I felt there had to be a better way to get more stability with less machine weight for vertically elevating aerial work platforms. Twenty years later I came up with an idea that became the WolfLifT as we named it today.”

— Wolf Haessler, President of Haessler Inc.

The Man and his Idea

After receiving his master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Western Ontario in 1969, Wolf Haessler founded a small metalworking shop in Brampton, Ontario that grew into a world class manufacturer of aerial work platforms (AWP). Wolf conceptualized the idea ten years ago to provide a more stable vertical AWP than available scissor type lifting mechanisms.

This concept is the basis for the “WolfLifT” that utilizes the exoskeleton or unibody theory in which the outside skin of a hollow structure provides the structural strength and rigidity, as used in today's automobiles and aircraft. He organized a team of locally educated engineers and industry veterans to design, test and build what will become a new global standard in AWP.

As an active University of Guelph alumnus, he serves on the School of Engineering industrial advisory board and the College of Physical and Engineering Science campaign cabinet. Wolf and his family provide leadership support through the Haessler Family Engineering Scholarship Fund and capital campaign for renovations to the engineering building.

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Tech Specs

WolfLifT Travel Tower Model WL-3020 Specifications


Elevated Platform Height 19 ft. 7 in. 5.97 m
Stowed Length (add 5.5 in. for removable steps) 60 in. 1.52 m
Overall Width 30 in. 0.76 m
Overall Stowed Height 79 in. 2.00 m
Stowed Platform Entry Height 39 in. 0.99 m
Ground Clearance (with platform down) 1.75 in. 44.45 mm
Platform Length (with ext. deck retracted) 60 in. 1.52 m
Extension Deck Length 30 in. 0.76 m
Tire Size 12 in. x 4 in. x 8 in.
Overall Machine Weight 2950 lbs. 1338 kg
Floor Loading (with rated load) 149 lbs/in.2 10.5 kg/cm2


Total Platform Lift Capacity (2 persons) 650 lbs. 295 kg
Extension Deck Capacity 250 lbs. 113 kg
Drive Speed - Stowed 3.9 mph 6.3 km/hr
Drive Speed - Elevated 0.75 mph 1.2 km/hr
Selectable 3 Speed Ranges *New Feature*
Gradability 25%
Lift Time (with rated load) 22 sec.
Lower Time (with rated load) 22 sec.

Power Source / Control System

  • Lift/lower and drive functions are available from platform or ground location.
  • Drive speeds are infinitely proportional in 3 selectable ranges.
  • Lift and lockout functions are also available from a fixed base location.
  • All functions are motor driven with dynamic/regenerative control with integral fail safe.
  • Brakes are automatically activated without power and electrically released.

Emergency Functions

  • Platform is lowered with manual switch at base of machine which releases the automatic brakes of the lift motors.
  • Emergency functions are powered by an independent 24 volt battery power source.

Pot Hole Protection

Actuated mechanically with platform lift motion that will not deploy on obstacles. Deployment is electrically monitored and error reported to the operator. The sweeping motion of the pot hole protection support bar clears obstacles.

Slope Sensing

Solid state slope sensing ensures safe operating limits.

Features and Programmability

  • Diagnostics and selecting the machines features are selectable without the need of tools or external equipment.
  • Malfunction and errors are reported to the operator at the platform control display.
  • Service codes and messages are reported to the service person at the ground level control display.


The WolfLifT all-electric aerial work platform is an environmentally friendly technology that offers important advantages to users and owners. In addition to the AC electrically motorized functions which is significantly more energy efficient resulting in more cycles per charge, the completely electrically powered feature eliminates any risk of oil leaks and reduces maintenance and service costs. The superior stability of the machine also makes work at elevated heights more comfortable and productive. The all enclosed lift structure is aesthetically more pleasing and minimizes entrainment of falling debris.

This literature is for illustrative purposes only. Consult Operator's Manual, Parts Manual, and Service Manual for proper procedures. Work platforms have been tested to comply with ANSI and CSA standards as Interpreted by WolfLifT Haessler Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice.